Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Speak through your eyes

Here I am writing a new post. It's been a long long long super long time I didn't write a single post. Please forgive me readers :( And fyi, I'm coming back to my hometown! WOHOOO :D And this time, I wanna show my little set up photoshoot that I did at my house. I called it "Speak through your eyes". I got insipired by American Next Top Model about today's photoshoot theme. And did you noticed, that my hair grew so fast? What do you guys think? Should I cut my hair or leave it long?

 Did you believe that all this photos are taken at the balcony of my house? LOL. Most of my friends couldn't believe it. They thought that I had photoshoot in the studio. And guess what? I did it by my own hands, which means there's no such photographer. I did it by using Canon 60D (with timer) and portable stair (used as a substitute for tripod because I left it in Melbourne)