Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Turning Table

Chop chop chop. Time is ticking, just in less than a week, I will leave my hometown *sigh* there's no turning back.. Best of luck for me *fingercrossed*

 I found this remarkable dress at Auburn and Ginger. They sell different types of clothes and most of the users and buyers are fashion bloggers! :D So this shop is trustable and the price is affordable. Buy it guys :D You won't regret it!
Same outfit, different place..
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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Floral Dissipation

This week will be my last week in Jakarta.. Leaving Indonesia soon :'(.. Last night, sudden tears fell to my cheek, remembering all the memories that I made across this 16 years. I will miss my boyfriend, all of my friends and especially my family. Couldn't handle this tears :'''''(
 Yap! I've cut my hair! Quite satisfied with the result.. But in the end, my mom said "that's still long, you must cut it again" *sigh* maybe next week I will cut shorter than this :(
 Oh I love vintage world! I found this floral shirt at UB Vintage. This clothing store sell vintage stuffs. I you love vintage, don't forget to visit this store.

 And by the way, I get a chance to win this fashion blogger contest in week 16 :D. I'm in Top20 fashion bloggers.. And this time all the top20 fashion bloggers will be selected to become the 1st winner of the contest. So to all my readers, please help me to win this by clicking the pictured below and vote for "Felicia Yohana". It means a lot to me if you help :")


Monday, May 28, 2012

Broken Diamonds

Finally! I got a chance to took this shots in my BF's rooftop. It's a beautiful morning though.. Thanks to my BF who photographed me (again) <333. And this is the last post of my long hair.. Try to get a short (not so short) haircut (wait for the upcoming post). Quite satisfied with my hair now :D And this time, I will post more pictures than before. Too much great photos >< LOL
 LOVE THIS MINT COLLAR TO THE CORE <333.. I found this collar at CURIOUS. They sell variety of collars and clothes. And the price is affordable, so guys buy them! 

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Interview with Abbi Pope

Today, I have a chance to interview my blogger's friend Abbi Hope from
Here is the interview :)

Your Full Name: 
Abbigayle Rashae

Your Age:
Turning 15 July 31st

Your Fashion Blog Link:

Describe the Country/ State you come from, and what you love and hate about it?
I'm from Iowa, United States. Iowa is farm country, and it's really flat. There's alot of big fields and farms around, but there are big cities as well. I love that everything is laidback (not Cali laidback, haha) But that you can find good, honest, hard-working people. Something I hate about it is that I live in the country, so whenever I step outside, even if it's just to grab the mail, I come inside smelling like a wet dog!

How old is your Fashion Blog?
My blog will be going on 2 years June 25th!

When did you first start fashion Blogging?
I started my Lifestyle blog, True Blue Abbi, towards the end of June in 2010. I didn't post much about fashion then, but now that's mainly what my blog is!

What inspired you to start a Fashion Blog?
My dad actually came to me saying I should start a blog. But, like I said, I didn't really talk about fashion at first. My blog's design and content has been inspired from other fashion and lifestyle blogs I've seen over the past couple of years.

Briefly describe your blog so others understand your niche:
On True Blue Abbi I mainly post my personal fashion. But, I can get into a little fashion inspiration and beauty/health. I've also done a few giveaways and have gotten into product reviews!

Describe your fashion style:
would describe my style with what my mom told me once when I asked her. I'm 85% Minimalist and 15% Maverik. I like to keep my look plain and simple, but I spice things up with accessories!

Do you have a full time job other than blogging? Describe what you do:
I don't really have another job, but I should be looking for one! Both of my parents have online stores, so I help them with that and get paid a little. I also do little things here or there to make some money to save/spend.

What blogs do you read for inspiration?

I love reading The Daybook, Little Chief Honeybee, Blonde Bedhead, Fancy Treehouse, Heart + Bleeker, and a few others!

What tactics do you use to get more readers and spread the word?
I've made blog buttons people can take, ask for button swaps and interviews on blogs, when I leave a comment on a blog, I leave my blog address, I've started a Facebook page for my blog. Things like that can really make a difference.

What other awards or recognition have you received?
I've been awarded a few things over the past couple of years with my blog, but I don't truly pay attention to them. I try to thank the person and give the award to someone else, but I never put the button on my sidebar or anything like that.

If  you could offer any advice to someone trying to build a fashion blog, what would it be?

I would suggest that you have good quality pictures, don't copy others, be yourself, and tell where you got your outfit from.

Put your Passion for Fashion into your own words:
I think having passion for fashion means taking things seriously. Not meaning you try every new trend, just, you know when there's something good. You know Designers, you've spent time on things. I'm not sure if that makes any sense so I'll short-hand it. I think you need to know what you're doing, with your style, and when you're helping others. Also, you shouldn't be afraid to try risks.

What are your future goals and aspirations in the Fashion Biz?
I would love to continue growing my blog! That's something big for me. I never thought my blog would even get to where it is today, or that it would mean so much to me. I would also like to model. I would be modeling now, but because of my church and it's standards, my parents think I would have to compromise too much in order to get in.

Do you have a Favorite Fashion, accessory or shoe Designer? If so, describe.
This is hard! I like a few. I love Prada, Chanel, and Coach

Name 3 Must have items in every girls or guys closet:
I perfect fitting pair of jeans. These are your go-to jeans. A great pair of shoes. No matter what kind, sneakers, heels, boots, you've got to have one great, high quality pair. Lastly, a great handbag. I have a few I grab way more than the others!
 And that's the end of our inteview :) Enjoy reading :)


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Friday, May 25, 2012

Botton Up

Finally! I got a chance to took some photos outside my house! :'D *happytears* This photos are taken at my BF's house garden.. So pretty isn't it? A tons of thanks to my boyfriend who photographed all this pictures. He's so talented! XD *kisskiss*
I'm a huge fan of Running Man! Hell yeahh! So obsessed with their variety of varsity jacket so I made one! :D Finally my varsity jacket has arrived! This varsity jacket is custom made. Love it! I custom this jacket at Lookdeloop Shop. Custom your own varsity jacket NOW! :D


It's a hot morning, but the wind blew out loudly.. My hair looked so messy in some shots, this are some of the best shots that I chose. 
Got this extraordinary sailor shirt from Auburn and Ginger. Check out their clothing website (here).
Sailor shirt - Auburn and Ginger
Top - ZARA
Dotted jegging - Pull&Bear
Pink wedges - Marie Claire

By the way, I finally made my own page! :D
Help me to like them <33
I will be so grateful if you guys like it :D

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Vacuum for this week :(

To all my readers, sorry for  this week :( I can't post any outfit photos *fallentears*.
Bedrest for a week *pity me*. I had a small surgery behind my thigh and got typhus all a sudden :( 
So this week is a pretty mess up week for me. Get well really soon for me..... :)
See you guys next week! :D 
And by the way, is now become *yeaayyyy*

Fyi, I just made my own page :D Go like them! :D


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Stolen stars

I stole stars from the sky *ooopss!* Anyway, I was a little bit disappointed with the photo results :( Too much exposure and my face looked so bright ><. Sorry for the mistaken that I've made :(. I took this photos this morning, before I go to mall to watch Avengers with my boyfriend (he's coming back from America *cheers!*) 
Stars Mini Dress - The Attic
Heels - gifted from my BFF 

Got some presents from my boyfriend :D Thank you so much D, love you always <3